How do you collect my Solana wallet address for my whitelist token(s)?

You will receive an order confirmation via email shortly after your purchase. There is a link in that email to a Google form that you can use to verify your order number and provide us with your Solana wallet address.


What is a whitelist token?

A whitelist token is an NFT that is airdropped to your Solana wallet that will allow you to mint one Genesis Egg per whitelist token during our community sale period, which will open before the public mint.

There will be more whitelist tokens given out than Genesis Eggs reserved for the community sale, but the chances of minting a Genesis Egg with a whitelist token during the community sale will be far greater than minting during the public mint.

The whitelist token will be burned when you use it to mint and has no value for anything other than the ability to mint for the specific collection that it is designated (i.e. Genesis Collection whitelist tokens cannot be used for Land Mints).

You will still be responsible for the mint cost when using a whitelist token to mint. The whitelist token simply gives you early access and better chances of minting than people who are minting during the public mint.


When will I receive my whitelist token(s)?

Whitelist tokens will be airdropped to your Solana wallet at least 48 hours before the mint time. Please be sure to provide us with your Solana wallet address as quickly as possible to prevent any issues.


How many whitelist tokens can I have?

For the Genesis collection mint, each person can have a maximum of 3 whitelist tokens, plus any whitelist tokens that are received from a Gold or Platinum Mint Pass. The total number of whitelist tokens cannot exceed 5 in any wallet.

If we find anyone trying to 'game' the system by using multiple wallets to secure additional whitelist spots, we reserve the right to burn any whitelist tokens associated with that individual. Please don't make us deal with this.